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Red Maple Lake

Red Maple Lake is located in the western suburbs of Guiyang, and is named because of the large stretches of maple trees on Red Maple Ridge near the lake that are reflected in it in late autumn, creating a sight of red leaves and green waves. Red Maple Lake is a National AAAA level scenic area, which integrates a landscape of lakes and mountains, karst landforms and minority customs.

Red Maple Lake is vast, with the water and sky merging into one, and it contains more than 100 islands of different sizes. It is divided into North, Central, South and Back Lakes, each with its own distinct characteristics; North Lake’s islands, South Lake’s caves, Central Lake’s mountains and Back Lake’s bays. Visitors can land on the Snake-shaped Island and Turtle-shaped Island to enjoy the scenery, or visit the nearby minority villages to experience folk customs and taste delicious fish caught in the lake.

Travel Tips

Address:Hubin Road, Qingzhen City, Guiyang, Guizhou Province

Transportation:Take a bus from Guiyang to Qingzhen from Guiyang Station on West Yan'an Road or Shanlin Road, and then from Qingzhen take the special line to Red Maple Lake.

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