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Tianhe Lake

Tianhe Lake is located in the southwest suburbs of Guiyang, and has both karst caves and waterfalls, earning it the title of the “Mini Guizhou Landscape”, and is renowned for its “unique scenery in the center of Guizhou”.

The waterways and mountains in Tianhe Lake are all connected. The river valleys zigzag through the steep gullies. Tianhe Lake integrates mountains, waters, caves, lakes, waterfalls, natural bridges, canyons and hermits, and is a typical example of natural karst scenery. The scenic area is divided into calcified beaches, waterfalls, Xiangbagou water culture, boating through water-filled caves and dry cave sightseeing, and visitors can take a 400 meters zip line to get a better view of the sceneries.

Travel Tips

Address:Shiban Town, Huaxi District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province

Transportation:Take the No.211 Bus from Huaguoyuan Wetland Park Stop to the scenic area; or take the No.201 Bus from Huaguoyuan Wetland Park Stop and get off at Huaxi Park, where there is midibus to the Tianhe Lake Scenic Area.

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