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Pagsum Lake

It is located in a valley of the Bahe River upstream that is 50 kilometers from Gongbogyamda County, Nyingchi Prefecture. It is one of the largest barrier lakes in eastern Xizang.

The Pagsum Lake Scenic Spot integrates a snow mountain, lake, forest, waterfall, ranch, cultural relics, and a famous ancient temple. It has the "little Switzerland" reputation for different scenery in four seasons and all kinds of wild and rare plants. In the clear sky, its water is clear enough to reflect the surrounding snow mountains, and there are yellow ducks, seagulls, and white cranes flying over the lake from time to time. There are many ancient forests around the lake. How beautiful it is! More specifically, there is an ancient temple on the beautiful, wonderful Tashi Island; it is like the very place where fairies live. 

Travel Tips

Address:Deep in the valleys in the upper streams of the Bahe River, over 50 kilometers away from Gongbo'gyamda County, Nyingchi Prefecture, Xizang

Transportation:Tourists can drive or hire a car at Bayi Township or Lhasa. Hiring a car generally costs about 600 Yuan a day (but this varies a lot between the peak and low seasons)

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