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Lulang Sea of Trees

Lulang Sea of Trees is known as the Jiangnan of Xizang. Within the scenic area, there are rivers and streams, massive and evergreen forest and azaleas everywhere. As the altitude rises, the plantation covering the mountains varies from bushes, to dense spruces and to pines, with almost manmade meadows separating the different trees. Within the meadows, streams run freely. Dotted in the grassland are all kinds of blossoming flowers such as fairy primrose, asters, Fragaria ananassa Duch, Pedicularis flowers and so on. Wooden fences, cabins, bridges and the villages of farmers and herdsmen scatter the woods painting a picturesque scene of life in the mountains.

Clouds float above Lulang Sea of Trees as the sunset glows, highlighting the grand and marvelous landscape. The snow mountains and glaciers from afar go perfectly with the forest, villages and rivers close by. Mid-April to early June is the season of azaleas. Azaleas blossom in all colors are make a superb view.

Travel Tips

Address:Lulang Township, Bayi District, Nyingchi Prefecture (close to 318 national road)

Transportation:Generally, tourists drive or hire a car from Bayi Township or Lulang Township. Cars from Bayi Township to Bomi pass Lulang as well.

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