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Wuquan Mountain Park

Wuquan Mountain Park is located at the northern foot of Gaolan Mountain. There are various buildings and pavilions along the hill, streams like belts and green shaded-trees, making a serene and beautiful atmosphere. Wuquan Mountain is famous for its five springs.

There are ancient architectural complexes on the central Peak of Wuquan Mountain. Go straight up from the mountain gate along the hill’s middle passage to see ancient temples that include Hudie Pavilion, Jingang Hall, Daxiongbao Hall, Wanyuan Pavilion, Wenchang Palace, Dizang Temple and Qianfo Pavilion arranged leaning on the mountain, stacked layer upon layer, and connected by the stone steps of the pavilion gallery. The two wings of the middle peak are East Longkou and West Longkou. The five springs from East Longkou to West Longkou are arranged in an arc-shape and hang on the mountainside. In the deep valley, springs gush, the trees are verdant and surrounded by pavilions. Using the water from the springs, the newly built Lotus Pond with waves rippling and Jiuqu Bridge over Weiyi Pond are in East Longkou, where there is the glaze wall of two dragons playing with pearls. By leaning against the mountain, "Small Penglai" with high pavilions and green springs as well as "Cuishanxin Garden" with green water, pavilions and dense trees were built in West Longkou.

Travel Tips

Address:Beibinghe Middle Road, Lanzhou City

Transportation:Take No. 20, 35, 53, 108, 112 or 131, to White Pagoda Mountain Park Stop. Or take No. 4, 6, 9, 15, 5, 34, 59, 105, 112, 120, 136, 137, 139 or 142, to Zhongshan Bridge Stop and wander the banks of the Yellow River to enjoy its beautiful scenery and then walk to the Yellow River Iron Bridge.

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