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Xinglong Mountain

There are more than 70 pavilions and temples as well as 24 scenic spots at Xinglong Mountain, turning it into a Buddhist and Taoist resort.

Xinglong Mountain’s main peak consists of the east and west peak. East peak (Xinglong) is 2,400 meters above sea level, while west peak (Qiyun) is 2,500 meters above sea level, with Yunlong Bridge suspended over Xinglong Valley between the two peaks. At present Hunyuan Pavilion, Chaoyunguan and Leizu Hall are located at Qiyun Peak, whereas Erxiantai, Taibai Spring, the Great Buddha Hall, Xisong Pavilion and Dilei Pavilion are located at Xinglong Peak. The famous Yunlong Bridge is a gallery type wooden arch bridge with exquisite structure. The gallery on the bridge is decorated with carvings and paintings, while the pavilion on the bridgehead has four corners with overhanging eaves. The ancient Great Buddha Hall is also located there and has double eaves and is solemn and magnificent. A "Cultural relic exhibition hall of Genghis Khan" is set up there in memory of the coffin of Genghis Khan that was here temporarily for 10 years.

Travel Tips

Address:Xinglong Mountain, Yuzhong County, Lanzhou City

Transportation:Take the bus from the bus station at Tianshui Road Cross, Lanzhou City, to Yuzhong County Station, and then transfer to a minibus to the foot of Xinglong Mountain.

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