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Shapotou is one of the five most beautiful deserts in China. It offers northwestern rough landscape and delicate Jiangnan views, with deserts, the Yellow River, mountains, and green oases.

The boundless Tengger Desert, the nurturing Yellow River, Xiangshan Mountain on the south bank and the Qin Great Wall World Heritage Site from the Warring States period, a section of the Great Wall built by the First Emperor of Qin, pottery-kiln site from the Qin Dynasty, Paleolithic-Neolithic ruins, prehistoric cliff paintings by the banks of the Yellow River and the beautiful gardens at the river bend area all contribute to this symphony of nature and to the unique S shaped geographic features of Shapotou, which resembles the Chinese Yin and Yang symbol. The scenery here was also introduced to the world by the famous magazine National Geographic as a world wonder.

Travel Tips

Address:22 kilometers to the west of Zhongwei County, Ningxia

Transportation:Take the tour bus at Zhongwei Bus Station to Shapotou Scenery Area

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