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Qingxiu Mountain

Qingxiushan Scenic Area is located to the southeast of Nanning City, besides the Yongjiang River. The scenic area primarily features green forests, including a dozen mountains such as Qingshan Mountain and Fenghuang Ridge. The mountains and peaks rise and fall on the horizon, the woods and forests are green, the springs are clear, the rocks are unique, and the river flows like a ribbon. It is the most famous scenic area in Nanning City and called the jade of a green city and the phoenix of the Zhuang people, featuring mountains that are not high but elegant and waters that are not deep but clear.

The scenic area has the largest ex-situ Labyrinth, hyenia and cycas protection center. Unique tropical tress from south Asia was brought to Cycas Garden and the famous ecological garden – Rainforest View Garden. The scenic area includes more than 50 attractions, such as the Longxiang Tower which represents Ming Dynasty, China-Thailand Friendship Garden, national flowers and tress of ASEAN countries in the International Friendship Garden, nationality sculpture park, Twelve Zodiac Culture Park, Qingxiu Mountain Long Corridor, Eighteen Boys sculptures, Dong Spring, Zhuangyuan Spring, Fragrant Flower Garden, etc. This scenic area is built for tourism, leisure and entertainment, as well as scientific research.

Travel Tips

Address:No. 19, Qingshan Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Transportation:Take the tourist bus line to the Qingshan Road Crossing, or take the tourist bus to Qingxiu Mountain on Chaoyang Square in downtown.

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