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Yanoda Rainforest

The Yanoda Rainforest is an epitome of the five major tropical rain forests on Hainan Island, an exhibition hall of tropical rain forest resources of the most ornamental value and China’s diamond-class rain forest scenic area. Here, visitors can admire the six wonders of tropical rain forests, admire the magnificent valley views that stretch for several kilometers, lingered by rushing waterfalls and flowing springs, as well as appreciating the beautiful brocades of the Li minority, eating juicy tropical fruit, and sample the mellow wine of Li minority. With peculiarly-shaped mountains, lush forests, clear creeks, and deep valleys, Yanoda Rainforest is indeed a Shangri-La on Hainan Island and a paradise on earth.

Travel Tips

Address:Sandao Farm, Baoting County, Hainan Province

Transportation:Take the shuttle bus from Sanya to Baoting (for about RMB 10) at Sanya General Bus Station and get off at the fork leading to Sandao Farm (Yanoda).

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