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Liaoning, officially abbreviated to "Liao" in Chinese, literally means "eternal peace on the Liao River basin". As the only coastal province in Northeast China, Liaoning is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation and civilization and is the cradle of New China's industrial rise. It has been hailed as the "Eldest Son of the Republic" and the "Ruhr of the Orient".
Liaoning is a thick history book, as it is home to historical sites such as the 9.18 Historical Museum, Commander Zhang's Mansion and the Shenyang Imperial Palace, as well as being a book of folklore that offers brilliant cultural and artistic programs such as the Two-people Rotation (a song-and-dance duet) and Yangge dance. Liaoning is also a picture album filled with beautiful natural scenery, such as Xinghai Square in Dalian, Red Beach in Panjin, Bijia Mountain in Jinzhou and the Yalu River in Dandong all with their breathtaking landscapes.

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