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Tianjin marks the confluence of five tributaries of the Haihe River on the North China Plain. It sits along the west coast of the Bohai Gulf and south of the Yanshan Mountains, with Haihe River traversing through the city. The Binhai New Area of Tianjin is known as the "Third Pole for China's Economic Growth". Its blessed geographical location has catalyzed the rapid transformation of Tianjin into an international metropolis. The city is also the most popular short-trip destination for residents in Beijing and Hebei.Occupation by the Anglo-French Allied Force in 1860 forced Tianjin into becoming one of China's earliest trading ports. The remaining foreign settlements now form a rather large cluster of ancient European-style buildings. These exotic buildings act as storage containers for memories of Tianjin people and that special Tianjin Flavor permeates into the Sino-Western architecture, through the antique cultural streets, and finds its way into authentic Tianjin crosstalk.

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