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Amazing Tour in Ningxia


Shahu Lake combines the vast expanse of northwestern deserts and the elegance of southern water villages, together known as a rare and special tourist attraction. You should not miss this amazing land when you travel in the west of China. There is a song that goes like this: the beach is gold, the water is silver, what a beautiful lake; northwestern landscape, with southern scenery, you will not get homesick in the Shahu Lake. As the largest film studio in western China, there were many movies and TV shows shot at Zhenbeibu China West Film Studio, such as Red Sorghum, Grief Over the Yellow River, A Chinese Odyssey, The Romance of Book and Sword, etc. The Helan Valley Rock Paintings reflect the worship of nature, reproduction, totems, and ancestors by primitive clan tribes, which is a treasure trove for the research of Chinese cultural, religious, and primitive art history. There are five specialties in Ningxia: wolfberry, licorice, Helan stone, skin of Tan sheep, and hair weeds. 

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