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Cultural Tour in Wuhan


Wuhan is a city rich in classical and modern culture. The time-honored Hubu Lane gathers many local snacks which meet different requirements. The architectural style of the Hubei Provincial Museum embodies the characteristics of Chu style architecture. The rich exhibits vividly show the historical changes of the Chu culture. The Yellow Crane Tower standing on the edge of the Yangtze River is a landmark in Wuhan and one of the “Three Famous Towers in the Regions South of the Yangtze River”, on which you can watch the vehicles running on the Bridge. The Ancient Lute Platform is related to the story of Boya and Ziqi during the Spring and Autumn Period. The Qingchuan Pavilion confronts the Yellow Crane Tower with the Yangtze River in the middle. The Ancient Lute Platform, Qingchuan Pavilion and Yellow Crane Tower are the three attractions in Wuhan that enrich Wuhan culture. Guiyuan Temple is famous for its tall old trees and tranquility. Tanhualin is more favored by local young artists.

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