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Li Jinzao Meets with Acting Head of the Republic of Buryatia, Russian Federation

Date:2017-06-22 View:20

Source: CNTAIC


On the morning of June 21, CNTA chairman Li Jinzao, during his stay in the capital city Ulan-Ude of the Republic of Buryatia, Russian Federation for the 2nd China-Russia-Mongolia Tourism Ministers’ Meeting, held talks with Buryatia’s acting head Alexey Tsydenov.

Li thanked the Russian for hospitality and meeting preparations and said, “The first China-Russia-Mongolia Tourism Ministers’ Meeting in the Chinese city Hohhot in last July was very fruitful. I believe this year’s meeting will surely be a great success and achieve the desired effect thanks to the meticulous preparations on the Russian side. After the meeting, more and more Chinese tourists will learn about and be drawn to the long history of the Republic and the breathtaking scenery of Lake Baikal.”

Alexey Tsydenov welcomed the Chinese delegation and said that, “The Republic of Buryatia is a transport hub in East Siberia and enjoys a sound basis for tourism development. Lake Baikal boasts comfortable climate and beautiful landscape and is listed as a World Heritage Site. Chinese tourists are welcome, so are Chinese tourism companies, for a prospering tourism industry means more investment opportunities.”

Also present at the meeting were senior officials from CNTA departments concerned, the Tourism Commission of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and local government departments.