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Alxa League: A shining pearl in Northwest China

Date:2017-07-21 View:3



The Badain Jaran Desert [Photo provided to]

Alxa League, or Alashan in Chinese, is located at the western part of Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

The league is the least populated region of Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Featuring an immense area and a sparse population, Alxa League boasts fantastic natural scenery without too much development.

You can experience totally different views here depending on the season.

Reputed as the “hometown of the camel”, the league has an abundant amount of two-humped camels and Cashmere goats.

The mysterious land is also a tourist paradise, attracting visitors with its brilliant ethnic culture, unique desert landscape and plentiful historical relics.


For tourists who are willing to go more out of their way, the Badain Jaran Desert is definitely a popular tourist attraction. Based on weather patterns, temperature and sight-seeing possibilities, the best time to visit is between June and October. [Photo provided to]