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Li Jinzao Meets with Former PM of New Zealand John Key

Date:2017-07-23 View:3

Source: CNTAIC


On July 21, CNTA chairman Li Jinzao received a visiting delegation led by John Key, former Prime Minister of New Zealand and advisor to Comcast Corporation of the United States in Beijing. Both sides exchanged ideas on how to strengthen China-New Zealand tourism cooperation and on the Universal Theme Park project to be launched in China. The two were accompanied by CNTA vice chairman Du Jiang.

Li welcomed the guests and said, “China and New Zealand enjoy close tourism ties and New Zealand has become a major overseas destination for Chinese tourists.” He hoped the Universal Theme Park would meet the Chinese visitors’ taste and requirements for amusement parks. He believed that with concerted efforts, China's tourism cooperation with the United States and New Zealand would climb to a higher level and its tourist service quality would also be improved.

According to John Key, “The close economic ties between New Zealand and China and the improved transport network in both countries have helped boost the rapid development of bilateral tourism exchange. My government highly values the Chinese market and hopes to continue working closely with China.” He then thanked the Chinese government for supporting the Universal Theme Park project and believed that it would lure a lot of Chinese and foreign tourists and help fuel China’s inbound tourism.

Also present at the meeting were senior officials from CNTA Department of Tourism Promotion and International Liaison and executives from the Universal Theme Park and Resort.