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Wuxi: Clay Figures Become Popular during Summer Camp

Date:2017-08-20 View:2

Source: Wuxi Municipal Tourism Administration


(Photo from the Internet)

This summer, the temperature in Wuxi continues to rise while the Clay Figure Experiencing Summer Camp in the Xihui Scenic Area becomes heated. Till the end of July, the summer camp has received over 5000 children from all over China, more than 3000 person-time a day. It is expected to receive over 10000 person-time during the whole summer vacation.

The Huishan Clay Figure Experiencing activity is the main tourism product of the Xihui Scenic Area in summer. In May, the scenic area gave a big push to promote its summer tourism products by communicating and negotiating with travel agencies in cities such as Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Wuxi for customer reserve. On the Clay Figure Experiencing Summer Camp this year, three masters from China Clay Figure Museum are invited to teach the participants by turns, elevating greatly the professionalism of lessons. Moreover, the re-decoration of the Osmanthus Hall in the Xihui Scenic Area as a teaching venue adds a sense of antiquity to the whole summer camp, highlighting the cultural deposits of Huishan Clay Figures as an intangible cultural heritage. Meanwhile, the scenic area newly opened a clay figure specialty store, stimulating tourists’ second purchase in the park.


(Edited by Jiang Bo, Jiangsu Province)