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Two “World’s Greatest” of Mount Sanqing in Jiangxi was Presented World Authority Certifications

Date:2017-08-23 View:2



0823.jpg Shi Yu/ Shangrao, Jiangxi, August 22, 2017 – On August 22, the Oriental Goddess Peak and the Giant Boa Rising from the Mountain are officially recognized as the “largest natural goddess peak in the world” and the “highest natural boa peak in the world” according to the field measurement and authorized certification of WRCA.

In the morning of August 22, 2017, World Record adjudicator Damir First announced the metrical data and certification result, then the adjudicator Damir First issued the “world largest natural goddess peak” world record certificate to Zhu Li, secretary of the party committee of Mount Sanqing Scenic Area and Jack, President of World Records Greater China, issued the “world highest natural boa peak”to Wu Hua, Deputy Secretary of CPC and director of the Administrative Committee of Mount Sanqing Scenic Area. Tourists and media from all over China witnessed this historical moment.


(News from Jiangxi Province)