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Tourism prices in Huangshan rise comprehensively when Mid-autumn Festival meets National Day vacation

Date:2017-09-16 View:17

Source: Huangshan News


Though it’s still half a month till the National Day vacation, not a few citizens have started planning their vacation trips. It is learned from multiple travel agencies that the tourism market has a promising outlook during National Day vacation since vacations of the Mid-autumn Festival and National Day are combined.

“Popular tourist destinations in China include Yunnan, Xiamen, Beijing and Hainan. Prices of tour groups have risen a bit which is not only due to the rise in accommodation price during National Day vacation, but also because of the price rise in catering, vehicles and other aspects,” said a person in charge of a travel agency. Take Zhangjiajie as an example, the reporter noticed from a price list offered by the staff that the 5-day tour costs 3380 yuan per person during the National Day vacation while it only costs 2280 yuan per person at ordinary times.

“Judging from the current consult and orders, domestic tours concentrate on October 4 to 6 with groups consisting of 3 to 8 travelers. Price of all trips has partly risen, but the growth differs among different destinations. In general, the growth is in a normal range.” A staff from another travel agency introduced to the reporter that many travel agencies and online platforms promote characteristic activities focusing on National Day and Mid-autumn Festival since the two festivals meet each other this year. Thus, on the whole, the cost performance of the tourism market this year is handsome.” As for outbound tours,  a recent report from Ctrip suggests that there will be more than 650 million person-time domestic trips and over 6 million outbound visits during the National Day vacation this year, hitting a new historical high. “Consumption and seasonal advantage make countries such as Thailand, Singapore and Japan popular destinations this year. Besides, outbound island tour will also be a popular choice since there is an obvious price advantage in cruise travel”, said the staff of the travel agency.

It is learned that the travel peak of this year’s “Golden Week” will forward a bit. According to data for late August provided by multiple travel websites, the number of travelers, especially outbound travelers to the U.S. and Europe, will markedly rise from September 28. Travel peak will be on September 30, October 1 and October2. A reminder from those in the tourism industry: from September 30 to October 3, there will not only be a travel peak, but also price peaks. Citizens may reduce 20-30% of cost if they choose to travel before September 30 or after October 4. “ 

(Edited by Peng Lingli, Anhui Province)