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The first “China-Changbai Mountain Biking Culture Week” is officially launched

Date:2017-09-17 View:14

Source: Jinlin Municipal Tourism Development Commission


“The autumn sky in September is high and clear, the beautiful Changbai Mountain is rich in color”. On September 14, the first China-Changbai Mountain Biking Culture Week was launched on the Baixingjiayuan Square in Chibei District. The Biking Culture Week attracted overseas contestants from countries such as the U.S., Germany, Australia, Singapore and South Korea as well as bike lovers from 86 clubs in 14 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hebei, Fujian and East China.

The first China-Changbai Mountain Biking Culture Week is not only a large-scale biking activity held in the Changbai Mountain area for the first time, but also an event answering the call of the World Cycling Day on September 17, making the Changbai Mountain a “great mountain for hiking and a paradise for cycling” and the Erdao Baihe Town a nationally renowned “ecological cycling town” and “international slow-paced town”, or even a base of Northeast Asian international cycling competition. After the opening ceremony, the first Citizen’s Cycling Competition in Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Area has officially begun. During the activity, contestants set out from the Baixingjiayuan Square, passing the parking lot of the Tang Park, Qiushaya Courier Station, Changbai Tiandi Square and other places, returning to the Baixingjiayuan Square. The whole route is 30 km long.

The first China-Changbai Mountain Biking Culture Week will hold the first Citizen’s Cycling Competition in Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Area, Round-Changbai Mountain International Cycling Activity 2017, Round-Changbai Mountain International Cycling Activity 2017  and Maziqi  Hill Climbing Challenging Competition of the Heavenly Lake, ChagnbaiMountain Summit of Maziqi Club Association as well as 30km Night Ride in Erdao Baihe Town, Thousand-people Low Speed Cycling in Erdao Baihe Town and High Speed Cycling Event in a week around the world-class landscape the Changbaishan Heavenly Lake, the T20 famous tourism town Erdao Baihe Town, Version 2.0 Slow Traffic System and 365 km of Slow Traffic System on the Most Beautiful Round Hill Highway. 

Since the establishment of Changbai Mountain Management Commission, Changbai Mountain has found a development path of “tourism urbanization, city landscaping and landscape internationalization according to the theory of “showing internationalization through characteristics, accomplish characteristic construction with international standards”. At present, with the diversification, premiumization and internationalization of tourism industry of the Changbai Mountain, the construction of infrastructures of the 365 km Round-Changbai Mountain Slow Traffic System has been accelerated. Changbai Mountain is working on constructing the brand of “slow-traveling in the Changbai Mountain, breathe fresh air in the forest”, the “first cycling tourism town” and “international slow-paced town”, pushing China to form a development pattern with round-island cycling place (Hainan Island) in the south, round-lake cycling place (Qinghai Lake) in the northwest and round-mountain cycling place (Changbai Mountain) in the northeast. 

(Edited by Li Zhongjian, Jilin Province)