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Two villages of Xiamen are selected as Beautiful Recreational Countryside in China by Ministry of Agriculture

Date:2017-09-18 View:17

Source: Tourism Development Committee of Xiamen



A couple of days ago, China’s Ministry of Agriculture started the promotion of Beautiful Recreational Countryside in China. Through local recommendation and expert review, Ministry and Agriculture plans to recommend 150 villages as 2017 Beautiful Recreational Countryside in China, with 2 villages of Xiamen being elected: Qingjiao Village in Haicang District and Jinbing Village in Xiangan District.

Qingjiao Village, Haicang District, Xiamen

Yuanqian Community has a profound historical background. In the Community stand 39 characteristic and unique ancient civilian dwellings which are also called the Hundred-year-old Ancient Houses. The famous Dafudi is a gorgeous and flamboyant ancient dwelling constructed with arc roof ridges and tipped-up eaves in the shape of a swallow-tail. The spectacular manner of Chong’en Ancestral Hall, the ancestral temple of the Yan’s Family, still remains to be simple, elegant, grand and magnificent through centuries of time. The well-constructed and well-preserved ancient dwellings in Yuanqian Community are unique and enjoyable, making them stand out from many ancient civilian dwellings.

Jinbing Village, Xiang’an District, Xiamen

Jinbing Village owns a great number of historical sites and a profound cultural background. Here you will find the Huang’s Ancestral Temple, Yan Emperor’s Temple of the Song Dynasty, camphor trees of the Tang Dynasty, etc. In addition, the famous Breast-clapping Dance is originated in Jinbing Village. There are many local theatrical troupes in the village. Almost every family has art practitioners. Many art groups performing stilt walking, cart drum, soprano performance, Loong dance and lion dance performances and other forms of art are from Jinbing Village.

(Edited by Zhang Yajing, Xiamen)