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Seven Qingdao bathing beaches will be temporarily closed for restoration after receiving 23.4 million visitors

Date:2017-09-25 View:13

Source: Shandong Provincial Tourism Data and Information Center


This year in Qingdao, Shandong Province, seven bathing beaches will be officially closed after closing hours on September 25 except the NO.1 Bathing Beach which will open till October 31. During the opening period, all bathing beaches in Qingdao are well-organized and have received a total of 23.4 million person-time visitors. The highest daily visitor reception reached 770 thousand. The number of reception of Jinshatan, Yinshatan and Lingshanwan bathing beaches markedly increased compared with the past few years. The top three of all 8 bathing beaches in Qingdao on the evaluation list of September are Lingshanwan Bathing Beach, Shilaoren Bathing Beach and NO.1 Bathing Beach.

With the closure of the bathing beaches, all bathing beaches will enter a restoration period. The departments concerned in Qingdao will summarize experiences based on the opening of bathing beaches, maintain and repair all equipment and deeper cleanse the bathing beaches in order to get prepared for the opening next year.


(Edited by Lijing, Shandong Province)