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Test run of sightseeing buses in Putaogou Scenic Area

Date:2017-09-28 View:240

Source: Putaogou Scenic Area Management Commission


In order to enhance the management of vehicles and staff access of Putaogou Scenic Area, standardize transport regulations of the scenic spot, create a harmonious and stable social environment and build a safe AAAAA-level tourist attraction, on September 26, 2017, sightseeing buses in Putaogou Scenic Area was put into use. Departure time will depend on the passenger flow of the scenic area. The departure interval is less than 30 minutes. The test run of the sightseeing buses will end on October 10. Till today at 17:30, the sightseeing bus has carried over 1,600 passengers and run 46 shifts.

The opening of the sightseeing bus routes allows tourists to have a better view of the beautiful scenery of Putaogou on the basis of relieving transport pressure, eliminating the potential danger of mixed flow of passenger and vehicles, and standardizing transport regulations. Meanwhile, individual travelers can walk around the scenic area more conveniently, which on some degree, elevates the tourist satisfaction of Putaogou.


(Edited by Su Liya, Xinjiang)