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Turpan is constructed as a tourism e-payment demonstration area

Date:2017-09-29 View:0

Source: Turpan Tourism Administration


Recently, national AAAAA-level tourism area Turpan Grape Valley and national AAAA-level tourism area Kumutage Desert in Shanshan County held the launching ceremony of e-payment demonstration area, marking the successful establishment of the first group of e-payment demonstration area in Turpan. The successful establishment of tourism e-payment demonstration area allows tourists to pay in tourist attractions with mobile phones, QR codes, bankcard quick pass and many other payment methods. Tourists can also make reservations for entrance tickets and different services via Meituan, Wechat and other payments and scan codes for entering. The successful establishment of tourism e-payment demonstration area has positive effect on improving payment service environment in tourist attractions, offering tourists effective and convenient tourism experience, optimizing tourism resources and bettering tourism service. It also helps introducing e-payment from one place to the whole area, make significant and steady development in Turpan’s tourism industry and shaping Turpan into a innovative and open modern city with more convenient and effective methods of tourism payment experience.

Edited by Su Liya, Sinkiang