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Over 160 tourism cultural activities awaits you in Chongqing

Date:2017-09-30 View:0

Source: China Tourism News


During the long National Day vacation, Chongqing will offer tourists over 160 tourism cultural activities and 6 self-drive routes, including events such as fruit picking, self-drive camping, music festivals, sports and fitting, hot spring bathing, etc., allowing visitors to experience the beauty of Chongqing both naturally and culturally.

During the vacation, all districts, counties and tourist attractions in Chongqing promotes over 160 interesting activities, such as Happy National Day Dance Performance, Blooming Flowers and Full Moon Mid-autumn Evening Party + Firework Display in Dazu, Entertaining National Day, Posting Reunion for the Big Prize on Mid-autumn Festival , Thousand-people Moon Admiring Campfire Party in Fengdu, Ancient Town Folk-custom Culture Performance in Tongliang, 2017 China Chiyou Jiulicheng Fair in Pengshui, Celebrating National Day and Mid-autumn Festival Huaba Characteristic Campfire Evening Party and the first In Love with Huaba Mid-autumn Poetry Party 2017 in Qijiang, Fragrant Kaizhou with Water Charm Series Event of Autumnal Tourism Season in Kaizhou etc.

Self-drive tour is popular in recent years. Thus, during the National Day vacation this year, Chongqing customized 6 autumnal self-drive tours for tourists. They are: Autumnal Healthcare Tour along the Inner Ring (Outer Ring), Sightseeing and Fruit Picking Tour along the Three-ring Highway, Sightseeing and Harvest Tour along the Chengdu-Chongqing Highway (High-speed Train), Autumn Sightseeing Tour along the Chongqing-Yichang Highway, Charming Autumn Tour along the Shanghai-Chongqing Highway (EMU Train) and Autumn Adventure along the Chongqing-Hunan Highway.

Moreover, during the vacation, Chongqing mainly promotes urban tours like the “Golden September and Silver October” All-for-one Free Walk Tour of Yuzhong District. Shapingba, Jiangbei and other regions will also promote celebration events for the National Day and Mid-autumn Festival. These activities will also allow tourists to experience the unique charm and gorgeous night scene of Chongqing. (Reported by Chen Qian)

Edited by Guo Peng