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Huangshan Scenic Area announced the maximum visitor load during the two festivals

Date:2017-10-03 View:1



As the reporter learned on September 30 from the Huangshan Scenic Area Management Commission, vacations of the National Day and Mid-autumn festival are 8 days altogether this year. During the festivals, the maximum visitor load on sunny days will be 50,000 and 3,5000 on bad weathers. Group visitors without reservation will not be allowed to enter the scenic area when visitor load reaches maximum.

According to Ge Xufang, undersecretary of Publicity Department of Huangshan Party Working Committee, in order to better serve tourists, intelligent rescue system was introduced to Huangshan Scenic Area before the vacation. Safety measure such as warning signs, notice boards and protective screening are added to ensure people’s safety. Meanwhile, broadcasts and background music system are also added to ease people’s anxiety when waiting in lines during peak period.

Moreover, Ge Xufang also advices that during the vacation, visitors to Huangshan Scenic area can also look up everyday visitor load on government website and Weibo of Mount Huang. Visitors can also check live feed of Huangshan Scenic Area on the Panda Channel of If maximum visitor load reaches 80%, visitors can choose to visit surrounding tourist attractions or visit Mount Huang on another day.


Edited by Peng Lingli, Anhui Province