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Golden week of National Day and Mid-autumn Festival has officially begun: hundreds of guides offer service in Chengdu streets

Date:2017-10-04 View:1

Source: Chengdu Daily


The golden week of the National Day and Mid-autumn Festival has officially begun! On the first day of the vacation, there are two activities in Chengdu: “come to travel in Chengdu with me as your guide” and “come to travel in Chengdu, it’s my treat”.

Since today, the over a hundred people who are recruited, selected and trained become the first group of guide in Chengdu and will offer services such as showing directions, answering questions and recommendations at 10 important landmarks and tourist attractions. 50 of them will offer bilingual service.

Meanwhile, dialect audio version of electronic “Panda passport” is launched. The panda can not only move around, but also show you around Chengdu in Xi’an and Chongqing dialect.

On October 1, the 100 guides will offer service at North Railway Station, East Passenger Station, Shuangliu Airport, Kuanzhaixiangzi, Jinli, Wuhouci Temple, Jinsha Relics, Chunxi Road, Taiguli, Tianfu Guangchang and other landmarks. Among the guides, there are 50 students from international classes offering bilingual service to international tourists.


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