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Ejina in Inner Mongolia enters tourism peak period

Date:2017-10-05 View:0



(Photo from the Internet)

On the fourth day of the National Day vacation, Ejin Banner, a famous viewing place of Euphrates poplar forest, is filled with visitors. Starting from October 2, Ejin Banner has entered its peak period. Tourism enterprises and related government departments work actively on this matter.

Traveling in Ejin Banner is still popular during the National Day vacation this year. More tourists at home and abroad are attracted to Ejin Banner for the beautiful scenery of the Euphrates poplar forest. On October 1, the number of tourists to Ejina rose steadily while on October 3, the number rocketed, bringing certain pressure to transport, accommodation and catering. In scenic areas such as the Euphrates poplar forest, Dongjuyanhai, Heicheng and Guaishulin, the number of visits per day passes 10,000. Parking lots are filled with cars. Some people have to park their cars on gobi deserts near the scenic area. With close coordination of traffic police and related government departments, management and services of tourist attractions are strengthened. Vehicles and staff entering scenic areas are also separated to make sure of tourism orders. No serious traffic jams or disorder appeared in scenic areas.

According to an incomplete statistics from the tourism department, from October 1 to 3, 2017, Ejin Banner received 363.5 thousand visits from China and abroad which is 152% more than the same period of time last year and 382 million yuan tourism revenue which is 85% higher than the same period of time last year. In recent years, with the holding of International Autumn Poplus Ecological Tourism Festival and strengthening promotion, the popularity and good reputation of Ejina are improved. The faster construction of infrastructure and Beijing-Urumqi Highway bring Ejina better transport condition and more tourists, helping Ejina faster develop its tourism economy.


Eited by Yang Junjie, Inner Mongolia