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Recommendation list of China Beautiful Recreational Countryside 2017 is announced, 4 Hainan villages are on the list

Date:2017-10-06 View:0

Source: Hainan Daily


As the reporter learned from Provincial Agricultural Department, China Beautiful Recreational Countryside 2017 was announced by Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China. Four villages of Hainan are on the list, among which Tiejiang Village in Danzhou and Pocun Village in Lingshui Li Autonomous County are selected as characteristic folk-custom villages and Dayuan Ancient Village in Qionghai and Luoyi Village in Chengmai County are selected as historical ancient villages.

Tiejiang Village of Danzhou has a history of over 600 years. Today there are over 300 rosewood workshops in the village. 30,000 tourists visit Tiejiang Village every year. By developing red tourism and recreational agriculture, Lingshuipo Village has received over 40,000 visits and gained millions of tourism revenue. In recent years, Dayuan Ancient Village in Qionghai develops tertiary industry and attracts over 20,000 visits every year with cultural attractions like the existing “Old Studying Maxim of Dayuan” Seal Cutting Stele Forest. The Luoyi Village in Chengmai with over a thousand years of history is a famous Chinese historical and cultural village as well as a “longevity village”. As Luoyi Village develops rural tourism, green agricultural products rich in selenium are also promoted through tourism marketing channels. In 2016, Luoyi Village receives 200 thousand visits the whole year.


Edited by Huang Tao