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West Lake and Wuzhen in Zhejiang are crowded with tourists, rural tourism becomes exceptionally popular

Date:2017-10-07 View:0

Source: Zhejiang Daily


The breeze is cool but the tourism market during the National Day Golden Week is hot. On October 2, Feng Yu, a tourist from Wuxi sits in a tea house near the West Lake, staring into the distance and admiring the scenery. “There are people everywhere during the National Day. The best way to visit the West Lake is to enjoy a cup of Longjing tea with the fragrance of sweet osmanthus in the air”, said Feng Yu, who reserved a hotel near the West Lake and searched loads of travel guides a month ago.

According to data from China Tourism Academy and Ctrip, the two most popular scenic spots of domestic tourism are the West Lake and Wuzhen in Zhejiang, of which the West Lake is the most popular. Hot attractions such as the Duanqiao Bridge, Baidi Causeway and Sudi Causeway saw the highest visitor number in the Golden Week on October 2. At noon, Xu walked onto the Duanqiao Bridge with a friend and that was when they personally experienced what it was like being in a “swarm of people”. People jostled each other on the bridge, taking photos one after another. The Lake is filled with boats. It was as if the Duanqiao Bridge (literally the Broken Bridge) was about to be broken carrying so many people.

“The number of visitors today are even larger than the first day of the Golden Week. Those under the bridge are anxious for getting on to see the view and those on the bridge don’t want to get down. So this is always the place with the most visitors”, said Ms Liao, a volunteer keeping orders in the middle of the bridge. She said that the bridge would be like this till 9 o’clock in the evening.

Except for urban attractions, rural tourism in Zhejiang is also very popular. All tourism destinations in the province offer interactive activities such as DIY, fruit picking and fishing which attract a large number of citizens. Homestays in Deqing, Changxing and Anji in Huzhou, Suichang, Songyang and Liandu in Lishui, Yuyao, Cixi and Xiangshan in Ningbo and other places are hard to get a reservation. Xiao Yan, a tourist from Ningbo, reserved a homestay in Deqing many days ahead. She set off at 8:00 in the morning o the first day of the Golden Week and didn’t arrive until late in the evening while the drive was supposed to be only 3 hours. “I went to bed with the hum of insects and was woken up by the bark. The tranquility in the mountains is very comforting”, said Xiao Yan.

From cities to the countryside, from mountains to islands, citizens’ need to travel is fully met in Zhejiang. All this is achieved because Zhejiang practices the scientific idea of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” and continuously upgrading tourism supply-side structure.


Edited by Zhejiang Tourism