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UK media reported that Hainan is a popular seaside resort for the British

Date:2017-10-08 View:0

Source: Hainan Daily


In recent days, the British Daily Mail published a report online saying that Hainan, the southernmost province in China, known as the “Oriental Hawaii”, is becoming a seaside resort for the British.

The report says that Hainan, an island as large as Belgium located in the southernmost point of China, is known as the “Oriental Hawaii”. Some of the most luxuriant hotels can be found here, including InterContinental, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton and St. Regis. Moreover, Haikou, the provincial capital is connected with Sanya, a seaside resort, via high-speed rail.

It is reported that the best season to travel to Hainan is every November to the next February, which is not only the driest time of the year but also the best time for surfing.


Edited by Huang Tao