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Sichuan Has Released Its First List of 32 Provincial Forest Towns

Date:2017-10-19 View:0

Source:  Xinhua News Agency


October 19, the reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Forestry Department that the Sichuan provincial Greening Committee and Sichuan Provincial Forestry Department has officially released the first batch of Sichuan Provincial forest towns, totally with 32 small towns.

According to the previous release of Sichuan provincial forest town standards, which mainly cover the forest coverage, green coverage, forest ecosystems, afforestation, resources protection, and forest culture six indicators. Among them, the core is the forest coverage, requiring that the towns’ forest coverage in the plains should be over 25%, the shallow hill area more than 35%, the deep hilly area over 45% while the mountain areas around the Sichuan basin and alpine and gorge region in the western Sichuan more than 55%.

Sichuan Provincial Greening Committee, Sichuan Provincial Forestry Office requested that the first batch of small towns should strengthen the leadership of the organization, improve the working mechanism, consolidate and deepen the creation of results. At the same time, the city's forestry departments should further explore the green ecological resources, improve the function of ecological services, and actively build a small forest town brand.


(Editor in charge: Yang Jie, Sichuan Province)