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2017 Yunnan Xishuangbanna Water Festival will be Launched

Date:2017-10-20 View:0

Source: Xinhua Net

The 2017 Xishuangbanna Lantern Miss Contest will be announced on October 21 in Jinghong city, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province.The competition has attracted a lot of players to compete in their first match in Daitai.


The past parade of floats

According to the arrangements, in the coming week, the players will go for image display platform, self introduction, a talent show and so on, and the one who finally through the comprehensive scores would be listed as the winner and go for the final contest in the 2017 Xishuangbanna Water Festival site.The 2017 Xishuangbanna Romantic Lantern Festival will be held on November 3 to 5 in  Gaozhuangxishuangjing.


2016 Xishuangbanna Miss Water Light 

The 2017 Xishuangbanna Water Lantern Miss pageant will eventually choose ten contestants, becoming "the most beautiful water light misses of 2017".In addition, all the audiences present can participate in the activities lighting water lanterns, singing and dancing, enjoying the romantic and beautiful festive atmosphere.


2016 Xishuangbanna Water Lantern Miss Pageant Scene

 (Editor in charge: Huang Yidan, Yunnan Province)