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Sichuan now has 10 National Forest Cities after the promotion of Panzhihua, Bazhong, and Yibin

Date:2017-10-21 View:0

Source: Sichuan Daily


Recently, the reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Forestry Bureau that approved by the State Forestry Administration, the three coties Panzhihua, Bazhong and Yibin of Sichuan Provincehave officially become the National Forest Cities. Thus, the total number of the national forest cities in the province has reached 10, ranking second in the country.

Of the newly approved three cities, the Panzhihua forest coverage rate was highest, reaching 60.1%. The second is Bazhong whose forest coverage is 57.33% and its urban greening coverage reached 47%. The forest coverage of Yibin has reached 44.6% and giant pandas have appeared in the territory of Laojunshan and other places due to the ecological good, being one of the new wild giant panda habitat in Sichuan in recent years.

National Forest cities are reviewed annually by the National Forestry Administration. The basic index of the assessment is that the forest coverage of southern cities should beover 40%, and the northern cities over 30%. At the same time, the public green space of urban built-up area per capita  should be over 9 square meters.

The head of the provincial forestry bureau said that the State Forestry Administration had never approved three national forest cities in one province. "this year, Sichuan is a pioneer." Previously, Sichuan Province already has seven national forest cities: Chengdu, Xichang, Luzhou, Guangyuan, Guang 'an, Deyang, and Mianyang .

 (Editor in charge: Yang Jie, Sichuan Province)