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10 national AAAAA-level Scenic Areas in Anhui Province give free admission to seniors over 65 years old

Date:2017-10-22 View:0



In recent days, General Office of Anhui Provincial Government released the Implementation Suggestions on Establishing and Implementing Elderly Care Service Project which clarifies the free admission policy in tourist attractions relying on public resource construction and using government pricing or government referential price: Free admission will be given to people over 65 years old and seniors below 65 years old can enjoy a 50% discount. In that case, where can seniors get free admission? Reporters interviewed Anhui Provincial Price Bureau yesterday.

It is learned that according to Provisions of Anhui Province over the Admission and Related Pricing of Tourist Attractions, admission price and service prices in tourist attractions should follow government pricing, government referential price and market regulation price on the basis of the categories of tourist attractions. According to the person in charge of the Price Service Department of Anhui Provincial Price Bureau, ticket and service prices are fixed and guided by government in tourist attractions constructed with public resources such as natural heritage, cultural heritage and important tourist attractions, natural reserves, forest parks, wetland parks, geoparks, key protected monuments and sites and collection entities of precious cultural relics, As for tourist attractions with non-public resources, the admission price and service prices follow the market regulation price and can be fixed independently by the operator.

 “Admission and service prices are fixed by the government according to different levels of the tourist attractions,” said the person in charge. At present, Admission and service prices of AAAAA-level tourist attractions are regulated by the provincial pricing bureau, prices of AAAA-level tourist attractions are regulated by the municipal pricing bureau and prices of tourist attractions of AAA-level and below are regulated by local (county, district) pricing bureaus. “Which is to say that apart from AAAAA-level tourist attractions which give free admission to seniors over 65 years old, the pricing of other tourist attractions should be subject to the pricing fixed by local Pricing Bureaus.”

 “At present, there are 11 national AAAAA-level scenic areas in total in Anhui Province. Theoretically, these scenic areas will give free admission to all the seniors over 65 years old in Anhui. However, two of them are relatively special”, said the person in charge. Since Sanhe Ancient Town has always been a scenic area free of admission and Wuhu Fangte Tourism Area basically consists of entertainment projects, both scenic areas are not included in the free-admission list.


Edited by Peng Lingli, Anhui Province