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Half colorful forest and half ice and snow, Dagu Glacier in Sichuan welcomes the most beautiful autumn scenery!

Date:2017-10-24 View:1


With every autumn rain comes a temperature drop. As another cold front moves near, temperature starts to drop and rain drizzles all over Sichuan. Moreover, the unexpected cold front gave a “silver coat” to Dagu Glacier in Heishui County, Aba State, Sichuan Province.



At present, Dagu Glacier Scenic Area is covered with white fluffy snow. One can hardly recognize the trees if they don’t notice the green leaves from the side. Talking about snow, it has snowed a lot in Dagu Glacier. It is expected that the cold air in Dagu Glacier will exist for a long time and the spectacular view of ice and snow may last even longer at the end of October.

Moreover, on October 20, the 5th Dagu Glacier Colorful Forest Festival was officially opened. This marks the coming of the best period of time to view autumn scenery in Dagu Glacier. It is learned that the colorful forest in Dagu Glacier Scenic Area is now preliminarily formed. Covered half in snow and half in colorful leaves, Dagu Glacier welcomes the most beautiful time with colorful forest and ice and snow.



There are four “mosts” in Dagu Glacier Scenic Area: the colorful forest which is the largest in China with the longest viewing season and most abundant color, and the café with the highest altitude in China. Dagu Glacier Scenic Area also enjoys the reputation of  a “colorful ecological world of folk-customs” and “3D gallery”. Here you will see the most beautiful autumn in China with pure white snow mountains decorated with the colorful forest in this sacred and spotless world. Starting from today, the core zone of Dagu Glacier Scenic Area will be more and more beautiful. Ascending along the winding mountain road, each step you take reveals a new landscape. It is like an exquisite colorful painting when looking far into the distance.

 The snow-capped mountains shrouded by the mist with colorful forests at the foot, the gorgeous scenery of autumn will dazzle your eyes. Scarlet, golden, jasper and cerulean.. this is a world of colorful forest. There are also many ancient Tibetan villages hiding in the forest. The scenic area is located in Heishui County, Aba State, Sichuan Province which is 317km from Chengdu, about 4 hours of self-drive. Now that the colorful forest festival has already begun and the paradise of ice and snow has arrived, what more are you waiting for? Come and have a date with autumn in Sichuan!


 Edited by Yang Jie, Sichuan Province