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Li Jinzao on an Inspection Trip to the Ancient Town of Dinant, Belgium

Date:2017-06-03 View:4

Source: CNTAIC


On June 1, CNTA chairman Li Jinzao met with Walloon Region Tourism Minister Rene Collin, governor Denis Mathen of Namur province, and mayor of Dinant Richard Fournaux, in the Belgian city of Dinant.

Minister Collin welcomed the CNTA delegation and said that the Walloon government highly valued tourism cooperation with China and welcomed more Chinese tourists to Belgium. He added that his government would actively participate in activities for the China-EU Tourism Year of 2018 and deepen tourism cooperation with China.

Li responded by saying that the Belgian tourism industry had an early start and had accumulated useful experience and China was promoting holistic tourism and launching the Toilet Revolution, so both sides could learn from each other to reinforce tourism development. Considering the critical geographical location of and abundant tourism resources in the Walloon Region, Li hoped that the region would strengthen win-win tourism cooperation with Chinese regions.

After the meeting, Li was accompanied by Collin in an inspection visit to the tourist town of Dinant, to learn about the development of holistic tourism and the management of tourist toilet facilities.