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Let’s time travel! See the beautiful landscape of Jiuzhaigou at home

Date:2017-12-23 View:4

Source: Xinhua Net


Pearl Shoal Ice Waterfall of Jiuzhaigou

As the reporter learned from Jiuzhaigou Administration, the 13th International Jiuzhaigou Ice Fall Festival will be held online at the end of December. The event will live stream the unique significance and beautiful landscape of Jiuzhaigou through the Internet.

It is learned that the event is themed “Time Travel”. The online experience part includes two themed activities named “My Time Capsule of Jiuzhai” and “Global Streaming of Jiuzhai Landscape”, showing the extraordinary beauty of Jiuzhaigou from three aspects: the past, the present and the future.


Changhai, Jiuzhaigou in winter

The event will invite visitors to create and share online H5 photo albums to think of the Jiuzhaigou in the past and hope for a better Jiuzhaigou in the future. Visitors will have the chance to win priority experience vouchers before Jiuzhaigou opens to public.

Moreover, the global streaming of Jiuzhai landscape will last for three months, allowing visitors to see the real Jiuzhaigou closed to public at home through HD Webcams. The ice and snow landscape at Dagu Glacier will also be included in the live stream so that visitors can also appreciate the scenery of meadows, Ganhaizi as well as snow mountains and glaciers of Aba, and walk into a world of ice and snow.


Edited by Yang Jie, Sichuan Province