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Anhui Cuisine

Anhui cuisine, a.k.a. "Anhui style cuisine" or "Huizhou style," is one of the Eight Culinary Traditions of Chinese Cuisine. It focuses on braising, stewing and steaming rather than frying with high temperatures and stir-frying. It emphasizes oil, colors and heat control. It follows the practice of applying the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to dietary choices, a feature that differentiates Anhui cuisine from other cuisines.

Red braising is a major cooking technique, with "red" representing the color of the sugar, a technique that requires excellent heat control skills. Oil used in cooking is rapeseed oil extracted manually from rapeseed grown by locals. Wood materials are used liberally, such as charcoal for stewing, firewood for quick cooking and tree bark for slow cooking.

The geographical and cultural environment of Anhui adds a special dimension to Anhui cuisine. Most notable dishes include: Soft-shelled Turtle Braised With Ham, Red Braised Civet Cat, Tiger Skin Hairy Tofu and Huangshan Stewed Pigeon, etc.