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Fujian Cuisine

Fujian cuisine is one of the Eight Culinary Traditions of Chinese Cuisine, blending the Han culture from the Central Plain with that of the Minyue kingdom during the Spring and Autumn period. It is known for its use of diverse seafood and woodland delicacies. Fujian cuisine emphasizes colors, aroma, the blending of tastes and presentation, and special attention is paid to "aromas" and "blending of tastes." It is known to be light but flavorful, mellow and rich, meaty, aromatic and light, with emphasis on the versatility of broths and soups, carving out its own place in the world of Chinese cuisine and gastronomy.

Fuzhou dishes are refreshing and light, often with soups to accentuate their umami quality, and use a wide range of seafood and woodland delicacies; Southern Fujianese (the region surrounding Quanzhou, Xiamen, and Zhangzhou) dishes feature seasonings and condiments that enhance the umami quality and flavor; Western Fujianese (the region around Changting and Ninghua) dishes are often slightly salty and spicy, with ingredients mainly produced in mountains that highlight the nearby geographical features. Fujian cuisine has three defining characteristics: the red yeast rice seasoning; soup making; and the use of a vinegar and sugar mixture.