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Dandan Noodles

Dandan noodles is a famous snack that is commonplace but has a special flavor in Sichuan Province. Vendors carry the noodles along the street using a shoulder pole (Dandan), hence the name.

The noodles have a bright color, aroma of preserved cabbage and sesame paste, spicy and sour taste, thin noodles, the saozi meat is crispy, fresh but not sickly, and contain diced meat. Dandan noodles are often called the best noodles made from cooked wheat in the Sichuan style. Fine and smooth noodles covered with red pepper oil, minced meat, preserved cabbage in the Sichuan style, sprouts, peppers, red soy sauce, minced garlic, tine peas, and chopped green onions etc. combining to form a delicious and spicy noodles.

In 2013, Dandan noodles was first chosen as one of “Top 10 Noodles in China” by the Ministry of Commerce and China Hospitality Association.

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