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Double-Cooked Pork

Double-Cooked Pork (Hui Guo Rou, also called“Ao Guo Rou” in western Sichuan) is a traditional dish and a common way to cook pork in Sichuan cuisine. It is usually considered as the most representative dish in Sichuan cuisine. Almost every family in Sichuan can cook it. Double-Cooked Pork was originated in the rural areas of Sichuan and is famous for its special meaty taste and shiny brown color which is good for the kidney and the blood according to TCM doctors. 

By “double cook”(Hui Guo), we mean “to cook again”. As the saying goes, “it is as if you’ve never been to Sichuan if you haven’t eaten Double-Cooked Pork”. Double-Cooked Pork can be ordered in most Chinese restaurants and it is very rare to find those who don’t like the dish.

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