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Mapo Tofu

Mapo Tofu is the masterpiece of Sichuan cuisine in China, which is particular about the flavors of spicy, numbing, sweet, crisp, tender, fresh, and lively. Numbing refers to the pepper sprinkled on the tofu prior to turning off the heat. Hot refers to the bean with a little chili oil used to cook the tofu, which is both spicy and fragrant. Hot means it should be served immediately after turning off the heat. Crisp refers to the golden color fried-beef granules which melt on the tongue. Tender refers to the shape of Tofu with its angular corners, the jade-white color after it is put into the pot making it soft so you’ll need to use a spoon to eat it. Fresh refers to the vegetables which are white and red in color. Lively refers to the taste of the tofu which is served with green leek and golden oil which is picked straight from the field and has no astringent taste.

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