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Dongpo Pig Knuckles

Dongpo Pig Knuckles is a famous dish created by Wang Fu, wife of Su Tungpo, a famous Chinese prolific writer, calligrapher and painter of the Northern Song dynasty. It was named after Su Dongpo’s favorite dish. Dongpo Pig Knuckles is eye appealing as well as delicious, and is considered as a “beauty food” by many. There are other related dishes such as Dongpo Pig Knuckles in Ginger Sauce and Dongpo Pig Knuckles with soup.

Dongpo Pig Knuckles from Meishan, Sichuan, which is welcomed by diners in China and abroad, selects its 17 ingredients very carefully. There are two ways to eat Dongpo Pig Knuckles. One is to serve with sauce, another is to eat with chicken soup or water seasoned with a pinch of salt and scallions while the knuckles taste better with soybean sauce.

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