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Pork and Purple Taro Stew

Pork and Purple Taro Stew is a traditional and popular dish from the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province, China. It frequently appears in all kinds of occasions such as meals at home and state banquets. 

Purple taro and boiled meat are the main ingredients of the dish. The cooking sequence is: quick-boiling, frying and steaming. The cooking process is complicated and time-consuming. The purple taro absorbs the oil and flavor from the marbled meat while the meat becomes less oily and more delectable.

Pork and Purple Taro Stew is also called “Mid-Autumn Folded Pork Loaves”. This is because the dish is usually served during Mid-Autumn Festival. The pork is fried and cut then stacked up with purple taro in a big bowl. Later these ingredients are steamed and put upside down on a big plate.

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