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Sweet and Sour Carp

Sweet and Sour Carp is often served at banquets and is a traditional dish from Jinan, Shandong Province. The carp from the Yellow River have golden scales and a red tail whose meat is very tender and delicious. 

The most famous Sweet and Sour Carp is from Huiquanlou Restaurant, Jinan. In the past, restaurants used fish that were still alive to cook Sweet and Sour Carp and it didn’t take long for the dish to become popular. The cooking method was changed afterwards. After being fried with oil, the carp is covered with sweet and sour sauce made with sugar and Luokou vinegar. 

Carb is more nutritious in the summer. It has abundant high quality protein of which 96% can be absorbed by human body. Besides, carp can offer us amino acid, minerals, vitamin A and D our bodies need.

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