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Braised Pork Ball in Brown Sauce

Braised Pork Ball in Brown Sauce is one of the most popular Yangzhou dishes and a traditional dish in Huaiyang cuisine in Jiangsu Province. There are two ways to cook the pork ball, steaming and braising. The main ingredient, pork balls, are made of 60% fat pork and 40% lean pork and are mashed with scallions, ginger, eggs and other ingredients. Then they are shaped into meatballs as big as a fist. 

The rib pork is mashed and shaped into balls. After stewing the meatballs on low heat, the surface becomes rough because of the unbalanced portion of fat and lean meat.

Braised Pork Ball in Brown Sauce requires very precise heat-control. The meatballs will become soft but not greasy after being stewed for 40 minutes. There are three ways to cook the braised pork ball: boiling in clear soup, steaming and braising.

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