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Salted Duck

Salted Duck is a specialty of Nanjing as well as a geographical indication product of China. Nanjing is also called as Jinling, therefore, Salted Duck is also called Jinling Salted Duck. With a long and well-established reputation, Salted Duck has a history of over 2,500 years.

Nanjing Salted duck has been made for a long time, and the years of experience have contributed to the way it’s made today. The skin of the duck is white and the meat tender; you can taste the fat yet it’s not greasy; it smells good and tastes fresh. Salted Duck is appetizing, crispy and tender.

Salted Duck made around the Mid-Autumn Festival, when osmanthus (guihua) flowers blossom, is of the best color and taste. For this reason, the dish is also known as Guihua Duck. Salted Duck is made simply to maintain its natural flavor. The greasy part and strong smells are removed while the freshness remains. The texture of the meat is crispy and tender, and happiness comes with a bite of Salted Duck. Positive effects of eating the dish include the diminishing of inflammation, subsidence of swelling, and anti-aging. It’s especially good for people with cardiovascular diseases.


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