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Stir Fried Pig Kidneys

Stir Fried Pig Kidneys is a Jinan cuisine. It can be regarded as a representative dish of Shandong cuisine, the top among China’s Eight Regional Cuisines. Shandong is a mountainous and fertile province situated near the sea in eastern China. Its economic and geographic conditions have offered a good environment for the formation and development of Shandong cuisine and culinary culture. Shandong cuisine also has a great influence on cuisines in Beijing, Tianjin, North China Plain and Northeast China Plain.  

As a famous Jinan dish, Stir Fried Pig Kidneys was selected for China’s Recipe of Famous Dishes in the 1950s. Pig kidneys are the main ingredient in this dish. It is characterized for its heavy delicious sauce. Stir Fried Pig Kidneys requires a lot of attention to heat control as well as good cutting and seasoning techniques.

Stir Fried Pig's Kidney has a shiny red oily color with a pure, crispy but tender taste. It not only looks and tastes good but is also nutritious.

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