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Boiled Sliced Hetian Chicken

Boiled Sliced Hetian Chicken is a famous dish in Fujian Province which is known as the “Best Dish in Tingzhou”.

There are many ways to cook chicken in China while Steamed Chicken with Ginger Sauce and Boiled Sliced Chicken the most popular. Among all the Boiled Sliced Chicken, Hetian Chicken is the most famous because of its taste, crunchiness, tenderness, smoothness and easy boning when eating.

When cooking the dish, one must select Hetian chicken and the Hakkas rice wine from Changting. Only in this way will the dish taste tender and less greasy.

During the evaluation in 1986, the Boiled Sliced Hetian Chicken made by Chef Zhang Maosheng was honored as a “Local Specialty”. Aside from Chef Zhang, Chef Li Tuisheng, Lin Yiting, Shen Debiao and Huang Yan were also very good at cooking the dish.

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